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Wednesday 28th June

Hi Everyone

Regretfully I must again postpone the Farleigh outing. I spoke to my SANParks contact this morning after she had inspected the road to Farleigh. She felt the section up the ridge would be driveable, but was dubious about the flat section from the tarred road to the base of the ridge. This section has concerned me as well. As I mentioned before this section is used by a farmer to get his diary herd to and from his milking area. It is very muddy, mucky and slushy. Getting 20 cars through that section could be a real problem – especially those further back in the convoy. As I said in my previous email … I’m too old to push cars out of the mud.  And so we hope that July does not prove as wet as May and June!

The new date for the outing is: SATURDAY 22 JULY.

Someone asked me why the outing is based on Farleigh. The reason is that Farleigh and the countryside thereabouts, are part of the history which will be narrated. And there are interesting panoramic views – plus there are toilets.

Regards from a frustrated organiser. Allen.


\Surprise! Surprise! A New  Outeniqua Historical Society outing has been arranged. I’m afraid my energy and corresponding drive are considerably reduced from what they were in 2019 though I suspect I’m not the only one.

After our enjoyable outing to Klaarstroom at the end of October last year, which revived the society after the years of the pandemic and its consequences, I’ve been trying to put together another outing to start 2023. Rather than just organize an outing which is a repeat of a previous one, I’ve tried to find something different. For my thoughts to achieve fruition San Parks needed to come to the party. Now at last they can see their way clear to giving us the access for which I have been negotiating. So here it is.

SATURDAY 15 APRIL is the date.

09:30 The rendezvous is at the T-junction of the Barrington road and the Seven Passes road.

How to get there: One can take the Seven Passes route or travel via the N2.

If the N2 then  ± 4 kms east of Sedgefield turn left on to the Karatara road. [There is a green signboard marked Knysna straight on and Ruigtevlei, Karatara turn left.] At Ruigtevlei do not take the road left over the causeway across the river. Keep straight on, on the Barrington road, for ± 12 kms to the T-junction with the Seven Passes road.

There is ample safe parking on the verges on either side of the road.

From there we will travel in convoy. Our route is a gravel road which climbs up to the Farleigh forest station. Distance ± 5 kms. The road is not suitable for vehicles with a very low clearance. Fine for the average car. It would be beneficial if attendees could share transport to limit the number of vehicles in the convoy. At Farleigh please park economically. Then get out one’s chairs – and table if desired – and set up under the big trees. Tea will then be taken.

Allen Duff will talk on the Cape Colony’s forestry policy and the Cape Colony’s immigration policy in the latter half of the 19th century. Lynne Thompson will talk on WW2 Italian prisoners who were employed in various private endeavors in the southern Cape. Some of these men were good artists and one of the offices at Farleigh has wall friezes done by one such artist.  They will be available for viewing. On our way back down the mountain, we will stop at a viewing site where Allen will talk briefly about the Karatara village.  Thereafter we make our way home. The outing should end about 12:15. Attendees might like to stop off somewhere for a light lunch.

It would be appreciated if those attending could email Allen the names of the attendees and one cell-phone contact number. Please do this by Wednesday 05 April.

 Now that Emmaus can again hire out their hall, I’ve been contemplating restarting the early evening meetings with a bring and share finger supper.  These meetings started at 18:00 if memory serves. Or do you think we should have a morning or an afternoon meeting? Emmaus use the hall for their meals so mid-morning or mid-afternoon are the only options. Please let me know your opinion by email.

Allen Duff.


Please note that this outing was postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. Further information will be posted when it is available.

Here we go again! Hopefully we’ll be all-systems-go on the new date [10 June] with the weather being kind to us.

Please reread the above details.

A reminder that participants must inform me [by 07 June] with a cell number. [If more than one traveling together, one number is fine.]


Allen Duff.


Unfortunately ,due to heavy rains ,the outing has been postponed until the 1st July 2023.