The Karatara Story

This story describes the interesting history of the settlements at Karatara and of the early inhabitants, during the period 1874 to 1961, and includes the early discovery of gold, the exploitation of the indigenous forests and the plantation forestry developments during the interwar period of the last century.

The Woodcutter Settlements of Knysna

The book details the origins of the Knysna Woodcutters and the many attempts by the Forest Authorities to settle  them on the margins of the Government-controlled indigenous forests between George and the Bloukrans River . 

Crossing the Knysna River

 This book details the history of the various crossings of the Knysna River. They start with the original 1770 drift which was eventually replaced by the first bridge, the Wooden Bridge, in 1893.This was replaced by the  1915 Concrete Bridge which lasted only a few months. Next came the still standing  1923 steel  Red Bridge and finally the present day N2 concrete White Bridge in 1955 which was widened in 1987.

The Old Roads between George and Knysna

This book first describes the original challenging ox-wagon track in use from the  1750’s and recorded by numerous well known early travellers. It was, of necessity, replaced by the properly engineered present day Seven Passes Road constructed by the famous engineer Thomas Bain between 1867 and 1882.  This is described in detail including, inter alia, the various river crossings.