• Knut Alexander Carlson, the story of a forester by the Wästfelt Carlson Family Foundation
  • Geology of Greater Knysna presented by Professor Morris Viljoen
  • Hentie’s Botel and other Hentie Stories an illustrated talk by Martin Hatchuel
  • Thomas Bain, the old road to Storms River, a talk by Philip Caveney
  • Storms River outing, following the old Tsitsikamma route of Thomas Bain, led by Philip Caveney
  • Westford Farm and the life of Edward Bibbey, an illustrated talk by Erick and Louise Fourie
  • Historical books of Knysna, a talk by Knysna author Ian Uys
  • Boer War Cameo at Willowmore in the Southern Cape, an illustrated talk by Alan Duff.
  • Harry Reitz Water Scheme, a talk on this early 1925 scheme in Knysna by Philip Caveney.
  • Knysna in film & video, an historical record of Knysna presented by Erick & Louise Fourie.


  • Woodcutter Locations in the Southern Cape, an illustrated talk by Philip Caveney
  • Forgotten First People –the  Southern Cape Hessequa, a talk by Professor Mike de Jongh
  • Bibbey’s Hoek and the Millwood Goldfields  an outing led by Allen Duff and Philip Caveney
  • Sea Rescue at Knysna, a talk by Lorraine Stainer and Jerome Simonis (NSRI)
  • Thesen Houses of Knysna, an illustrated talk by Philip Caveney
  • Family history and some early Knysna Drifters by Dennis & Martha Woolard.
  • Virtual tour of Knysna presented by Cathie Garner


  • Stone Age Man in Knysna, an illustrated talk by Roger Murray
  • Noetzie, an illustrated  talk by Chris Everett
  • SANParks – Launch of the Rooted in Time tour at Ysterhoutrugpad.
  • Choo-Tjoe, Outeniqua, an illustrated  talk by Allen Duff on the revival of the rail line.
  • Seven Passes Road between George & Knysna, an illustrated talk by Murray Douglas


  • Knysna Heads talk , a slide show and talk by David Wightman, author of the book Heads and Tales, 50 years: 1945-1995.
  • Karatara, history of the village, an illustrated presentation by Philip Caveney.
  • Pre-Passes Road, an illustrated presentation by Murray Douglas.
  • South Western Railway, an outing to Bracken Hill led by Allen Duff
  • Cape foresters 1881 – 1899, de Vasselot and his team, an illustrated talk by Philip Caveney
  • Concrete Bridge, a centenary commemoration of the bridge led by Murray Douglas.
  • Knysna old town, Government wharf and Belvidere, an outing led by Allen Duff, Lorraine Stainer & Philip Caveney.
  • Knysna’s Heritage Homes, an illustrated talk by Philip Caveney


  • Knysna River, the saga of crossing this river, by Murray Douglas
  • Robert Hart, a character of Knysna, by Philip Caveney
  • George Duthie of Brenton and his family – The history of her life at Brenton and the building of the RN Fairmile Motor Launches during WWII, by the late Mary van Eeden (daughter of George and Lucy Duthie)
  • Western farming areas of Knysna, an all-day outing to these farming areas including Goukamma, Ruigtevlei, Karatara and Zwart-Rivier (Eastbrook) led by Allen Duff & Philip Caveney


  • Rexford House, an outing to this historical home, The Crags
  • Belvidere, a talk by the late Lexie Elliott, a veteran of Belvidere
  • Ganzvlei Farm, a visit to the home of the late David Metelerkamp, Goukamma.
  • John FV Phillips, a talk about his time in the Knysna Forest, by Philip Caveney
  • Heritage Day celebrations, 2012. A Heritage Day talk on the founding of the Millwood House Museum by Margaret Parkes
  • Bracken Hill, De Poort and Fisanthoek, an all-day outing with talks by Philip Caveney, Margaret Parkes and Lorraine Stainer


  • Belvidere Church,  a presentation & tour led by Henry Barrington, Lorraine Stainer and Margaret Parkes.
  • Turbine Hotel, a tour led by owner Geoff Engel and architect Mike Louw.
  • Friends of the Choo –Tjoe, a presentation by Fraser Howell
  • Woodcutter memories,  a Bring & Braai evening and talk by Dalena Wolmarans
  • William John Burchell, a presentation by Prof. Stan Caveney.
  • Heritage Day celebrations, a Heritage Building walk, Market Hall talk and
  • viewing of Council Chambers and Committee Rooms followed by  & Bring & Braai.
  • Deep Walls An all-day outing, presentations by Philip Caveney, Dave Reynell (retired forester) and Melaney Barrath SANParks.



Terblanche Family, a talk by Phyllis Terblance.



George Rex, a talk given by the late Vicky Williams.